Names in Kanji

Kanji as a syllable-language

If you use kanji-signs as syllablelanguage to translate foreign words or names, you have to be aware of their meanings as well. Theexamples below show the differences. You can also find some famous kanji symbols, which are used as tattoos by many people.

Simple Example

the name Ida is constructed with two syllables – I and DA. Now we try to find the matching sounds in the kanji.

Part I: I

to act

the will

to differ

Part II: DA


unnecessary, useless


inactivity, laziness

So you can write this name in different writings with different meanings:

IDA: to act contentedly

IDA: will and contentment

IDA: useless acting

IDA: to differ from the snake

IDA: to differ from laziness

Since there are so many possible translations and meanings it’s highly
recommended to use a professional translation service, because you don’t
want to embarrass yourself with a tattoo.

Here you can find a very good, and also cheap
translation service for Japanese and Chinese.

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